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"I just landed a $3500 photography contract with a brand I shop from. I can't believe this is my life"

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The Program 

The Modern Photography Program is an online photography school that will show you what you're capable of achievingThis program has helped over 500 photographers quit their jobs, land contracts with brands, and start living a life of their wildest dreams. This is the only program to tackle all areas of photography -- not just how to use your camera.

Photography can be a lucrative career path, and it can also be a gateway to valuable connections, lifelong friendships, travelling to new countries, and life experiences that you'll carry with you forever.

Becoming a successful photographer is about more than taking beautiful photos. Of course this is important, but you also need an inspiring vision, a clear aesthetic, a deep self confidence, an understanding of what clients are looking for, the ability to create beautiful proposals, a confidence in pricing your work and negotiating, a clear marketing and branding plan, the know-how to assemble and lead a team, and the courage to continue pushing yourself beyond what you feel is possible.

As soon as you sign up below, you'll gain access to hundreds of essential concepts to set you on a path of skill development and personal discovery. I let you behind the scenes and even show you personal information like screenshots of my negotiations so you can see how much I charge -- this is a big hurdle for most photographers. 

You program includes everything you need, and can be completed at your own pace from anywhere in the world. 

Graduates Of The Modern Photography Academy Have...

1. Used my techniques to get published in Vogue Italia (one student had her first photoshoot published in Vogue)

2. Photographed backstage at Paris Fashion Week in their first year of photography.

3. Landed many $3000+ photoshoots by learning to create proposals that convert.

4. Landed photoshoot campaigns with their favorite international brands.

5. Grown their following from 1,000 to 15,000 in 2 months. 

6. Created passive income products to generate an extra $2000 - $5000 a month in their sleep - hello financial freedom. 

You don't need years of experience or expensive equipment to do any of these things. I know this world can feel overwhelming, so think of me as your new best friend inside the industry. You can rest easy knowing you have a clear plan to follow moving forward. Every ounce of my photography knowledge is in here and as soon as you sign up, you'll have access to everything you need to begin building a life you love through photography.

Payment Options

Gain access to the entire program as soon as you join. The Modern Photography Academy is based on my 1:1 photography mentorship -- valued at $5000.


$227 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like. 
  • Flexible payment plan


$400 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like. 
  • Best value 

What's Included In The Academy?

Here are some of the topics we cover.

Designing A Photography Aesthetic That Stands Out

Start fresh with a photography style that feels authentic and gets you on the radar of clients that inspire you. Stop wondering what your style is, and start becoming a photographer who inspires others. 

The 5 Fundamental Elements Of An Iconic Image (And How To Implement Them Immediately)

Incredible images aren't created by accident. Learn what your photography is missing and how to correct it so you can stop spinning your wheels and move to the next level. 

Uncovering Your Value As A Photographer. There Is Your Room For You In The Industry. 

Learn what's wildly valuable about you and translate that into high paying photography jobs.  The more value you can communicate, the more money you'll make. Communication is everything.

Creating Fresh Proposals That Convert To Paid Jobs

You don't have to sit there and wait for clients to come to you. If your inbox is silent, learn to create proposals that have clients interested in working with you. Knowing how to create a professional proposal that stands out from the sea of other photographers is worth the price of The Academy alone. With this information, any job is at your fingertips. 

How To Price Your Work + Negotiate

This section is worth it's weight in gold. You'll never wonder what to charge, or how to negotiate again. I show you actual screenshots from negotiation emails with brands and I share exactly what I charge and what the industry standards are (information you'll never find anywhere else - photographers are so secretive about what they charge).

Building Passive Income Streams

Photoshoots are just one of many ways to make income as a photographer. Set up passive income streams (to make money while you sleep) and experience true financial freedom. If you're struggling to make ends meet as a photographer, this is for you.

Rewiring Your Brain To Stop Self Sabotaging

Until we clear away the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, no matter how hard we work, our fear and doubt will block us every time. Finally let go of self-doubt and negative energy in your life so you can move forward with confidence and ease. 

Planning A Professional Photoshoot From Scratch

Have you ever wondered how a photoshoot actually comes together? From start to finish, we walk through EVERYTHING.

Getting Your Images Published In Magazines

Learn the methods that have allowed many of my students to be published in Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Cake Magazine and more. Get your images in front of key players in the industry and watch how your network builds. 

Assembling A Team Of Industry Professionals

Get the people you think are out of your league to work with you. Confidently assemble a team of top models, stylists, makeup artists, assistants who are the top of their game. From communication and concept development, to making key decisions on-set, to keeping everyone on track and motivated. 

Making The Most Of What You Have Available To You

You don't need expensive camera gear, a studio, 100k followers, etc. to become a successful photographer. Learn how I built my business with a $25 camera from the thrift store, and 1500 Instagram followers. 

Taking Back Control Of Your Life

It's time to start living for you again. This course is about so much more than photography. Design a life that excites you and begin working towards it. Have fun. Travel the world. Fall in love. Reconnect with what makes you feel alive and break free from a job, a boss, a daily commute. You're ready for so much more. 

Creating A Daily Practice To Avoid Harmful Ruts

We're the sum of our habits and our thoughts. Create a healthy daily practice to boost energy, clarity and inspiration. Our own habits are the biggest killer of productivity and progress and it's time to change that.

Using Photography To Get Paid To Travel

If you've ever dreamed of traveling the world with your camera, you're in luck. This course shows you how to find clients who will pay you to travel and shoot for them.

The Building Blocks Of Modern Business

If your current business plan is to post on Instagram and wait for the DMs to roll in, you're missing out on a whole lot of potential job opportunities. Learn how business works in today's world and start doing things the smart way.  

"I just wanted to say how much these workbooks have impacted me in such a short amount of time. It has shifted my mindset in so many ways. I've made some simple changes so far in my life, and started reaching out to potential clients about photography which then connected me to other people and opportunities. I've already booked a few photo gigs and projects, including one in Paris later on in the year - it'll be a project where I've been give total creative freedom, working with people I really admire. This is a dream come true for me, one I actually WROTE DOWN and had on a post it note above my desk. I cried when the opportunity was presented to me... I'll be doing the work I've longed to do. Thank you for the push I needed, Carly, you've reminded me that one of my best qualities is my fearlessness, and I should lean into it more and just go for whatever I want. The ways you're helping others matters, I hope you know that. "

Kelly James
Photographer + Creative Studio

I'm interested, but is this really worth it?

Yes, I can confidently say it is. You could keep doing things as you are without seeing any real progress... or you could put your heart and soul into a program that works and watch your new life unfold.

Two years ago I was an accountant stuck behind a desk, and now I'm living in Paris with photography jobs lined up for the next 6 months. I'm a different person. I'm alive again. I make significantly more money and I'm life is more interesting in every way. If I can do this, you absolutely can too.

The truth is, this industry is so secretive. You'd have to pay a mentor thousands of dollars to get this information. I believe the more educated and equipped we all are as photographers, the better off we all will be. That's why I'm offering this program at such a low rate. I had no one to help me when I started and it was rough. You don't have to go through the same things I did. 

After completing The Modern Photography Academy, you'll be creating beautiful images with models from your mood boards, you'll understand how to reach out to dream clients and what to say to get your emails answered, you'll wake up to clients who want to work with you, you'll understand how much to charge in order to make a great living doing this, and most importantly, you'll feel alive again. 

You can have all of these things for an initial investment of $227 CAD. If you're in The US or Europe, it's even cheaper with the exchange rate. 

Choose The Best Pricing Plan For You


$227 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like. 
  • Flexible payment plan

1 Time Payment

$400 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks, and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like.
  • Best Value 

What Others Have Asked Before Purchasing...

Absolutely not. This course focuses on how to make the most out of the equipment you already have. I started my photography career with a $25 film camera from my local thrift store. Your equipment has little to do with your success. 

Absolutely. You get to work on the program at your own pace, so you can learn whenever it's most convenient for you. No matter how busy you are, I know you have at least a couple hours of free time to work on your passion. If you're short on time, you'll want to take this program even more because you'll learn the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time. 

Once you purchase, you have lifetime access to all content and frameworks inside the program. You can come back to it year after year. 

This course is 100% online based which means you can complete the lessons from your bed, the cafe, anywhere in the world... whenever you want!

No. If you're at the beginning of your journey, that's wonderful because you'll learn the right way to do things early on, instead of spinning your wheels for years. It doesn't matter if you don't even have a camera yet. Like I mentioned, I got my first camera from the local thrift store and I still use that camera to this day. However, this is not a technical photography course, so you should have a general understanding of how to work your camera, but even if you don't, there are a million tutorials online that can show you that stuff. 

"Hi Carly, I just wanted to let you know that I ended up getting that contract for the job we spoke about. Thank you again for your help and support."

Justin Cook
Fashion Photographer

If You've Made It This Far... 

It's time to make a decision about how you want the rest of your life to unfold. Look around the room you're in and ask yourself if you're truly happy -- if you're truly fulfilled and if you're living a life that excites you and inspires others. You're at a crossroads and I know it feels scary right now, but I believe in so much more for you.

Here's the thing. I know you want to make this investment in yourself, but you still have all these doubts running through your mind. What if this program doesn't work for you? What if you're just not destined for greatness? What if you spend this money and nothing happens? What if? What if? It's time to let go of the excuses and realize you are capable of creating an incredible life doing what you love. 

We spend huge amounts of energy telling ourselves why we can't do something -- but why not start spending that energy on proving to ourselves we can? I want to light a path for you to see the most fun, vibrant, talented, adventurous version of yourself and to help you move into action. If you put the time and effort in, this program can't not work. Give yourself some credit for how awesome you are and start building a different future for yourself. 

Let's do this together. 

"I’m in your photography course and I just wanted to send you this little note to thank you for pushing me so much. Right now I’m at a bakery in st germain des Prés planning a photoshoot with a French model I’ve been admiring so much over the years... that would have never happened if it wasn’t for your workbooks! For the first time ever I wake up early in the morning to do something I really love. I couldn’t be more happy and feeling like my life is on the right track. Getting inspired by you and your worldview pushed me to get a ticket to Paris. Thank you for all the work you’re doing. You're truly an inspiration ."

Alina Latina

Choose The Best Pricing Plan For You


$227 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like. 
  • Flexible payment plan


$400 CAD

  • Access to all of The Modern Photography Academy trainings, workbooks and frameworks. 
  • Self-paced program so you can work on the content wherever and whenever you like. 
  • Best value

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