Change Your Life With Your Camera

Develop your skills. Build your business. Book dream jobs. Quit your 9-5. Live free. Turn your passion for photography into a career that brings you freedom. The Modern Photography Academy has transformed the lives of thousands photographers around the world.

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Change Your Life With Your Camera 

Turn your passion for photography into a career that brings you freedom. Develop your skills. Build your business. Book dream jobs. Quit your 9-5. Live free. 


Our photographers have booked some pretty cool jobs with clients like these...


(And it didn't take years of experience or an expensive camera).

This is what you've been craving.

Technical photography training, essential business knowledge and game changing industry secrets— all in one place.



Why Is The Modern Photography Academy So Effective?


There’s a reason why our photographers have life changing results after completing this program.

Becoming a professional photographer is about more than just photography, and this is beyond just a photography program.

Our mission is to bring you everything you need to launch yourself into a life as an inspirational photographer and a brilliant business person — at a price that is less than 1% of a traditional photography degree. 


Here Is What's Included

With over 1500 graduates worldwide, we've distilled the program into potent lessons that will actually dramatically shift your life in weeks, not years. 

Photography Lessons

☐ Develop your photography skills and find your vision

☐ Create a cohesive aesthetic and brand

☐ Camera and equipment recommendations

☐ Produce professional photoshoots

☐ Lighting, posing, directing

☐ Photoshoot concept creation 

☐ Communicating with agents

☐ Booking teams of top talent


Business Essentials

☐ Design your business blueprint

☐ Create stunning proposals that book clients

☐ Access communication and email examples

☐ Price your work and negotiate effectively

☐ Develop additional income sources for financial freedom 

☐ Create an inspired community on social media

☐ Build travel and experiences into your business

 ☐ What to work on each day to move your business along

☐ Developing an entrepreneurial mindset for unlimited opportunities

☐ Essential business softwares, tools and tips

Life Design 

☐ Find clarity on the life you truly want

☐ Step into a new future of possibilities

☐ Let go of self doubt and limiting beliefs

☐ Discover your intuition and secret powers

☐ Find a work/life balance

☐ Create a healthy relationship with money

☐ Build a personal empire

☐ Bonus: 30 Days Of Guided Journalling

Supportive Community

☐ Ask unlimited questions and receive thorough, thoughtful answers every time

☐ Learn from other photographers on this journey with you

☐ Receive feedback on proposals and emails before sending

☐ If a potential clients asks you things like "what's your rate?" — we're here to guide you

Industry Secrets

All the things other photographers will never share with you. Hundreds of stories, screenshots and tips from industry leaders. 

☐ Screenshots of real client negotiations

☐ Inside information about what photographers at all levels are charging in 2021

☐ Insights into what your favorite brands look for when hiring photographers (in their words)

☐ Who to contact at a company you want to work for, and where to find their direct email addres

☐ BTS of professional shoots, planning, etc.


+ so much more. 

BONUS: Women In The Industry

In this "women only" group, we're diving deep into the unique opportunities and experiences available to female photographers, and how to overcome the specific challenges we face. 

Expect rich discussions, powerful lessons and a supportive community of female photographers from around the world. 


The Details

The Modern Photography Academy is a 30 day online program — you can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

The next start date is April 3.

Lifetime access to the full program and community is $497 USD — and we have a payment plan!

You can join with any kind of camera — film, digital, iPhone, disposable, your uncle's camera from the 60s. 

You do not need to be available at specific times/days to participate — new modules are released every few days, and you work on the lessons at your own pace. 

Ask unlimited questions and receive direct support inside our private community - we are here to make you sure you succeed and will always provide in-depth answers to each question. 

Feedback From Our Incredible Students

We are inspired by every single person who joins our community. Everyone sets out on a unique path to success. We can't wait to see your name here too.

"Honestly cannot thank you enough for what you've taught me. It's seriously amazing what you're doing, how you teach it, and the course you've created. I'm super grateful. I'm in Mallorca, Spain shooting a campaign for Free People and a story for Rollacoaster Magazine. It's exactly the type of work I dreamed about before taking your course, and I really could not have done it without you. A big thank you, once again."

JJ, Photographer

"For me, there will always be before The Academy and after The Academy. You have changed my life through your lessons. I felt so stuck this past year and couldn't see a way forward and I'm so grateful for your insight and wisdom that helped me find a path to the life I had been craving for so long. If anyone is on the fence about joining, just go for it. This is not just another generic photography course. I booked $4500 in photoshoot jobs this month alone and followed the steps in setting up additional income sources that brought in an additional $3000. I know this is not a lot to some people, but to me it is life changing and I feel like this is just the beginning. For the first time in a long time I'm excited about the life that's ahead of me and I have you and The Academy to thank for that."

Katie, Photographer

"I can't believe this program is over. It's been the best investment I could have ever made. I have grown more in a month than I have the last three years struggling down my photography path. Carly, this program has not only changed my life but has given me so much more confidence as a person. This program has been a milestone and such a catalyst for transformation that has directed my life towards true bliss." 

Marguerite, Photographer

"Thank you so much for your support, love and lessons. My life has changed so much. Today my photo was published in Vogue. From overdosing in the hospital 7 months ago to being the person I've always wanted to be and it has everything to do with your guidance through your program and personal attention in the community. Thank you so much."

Lisa, Photographer

"I wanted to let you know that in the past week I have been booked on my first two paid photography jobs! I honestly couldn't be happier. I have been working SO hard since completing your course to build my non-existent portfolio and for not one, but two different brands to reach out and book me on jobs was just incredible. I quoted for both jobs in the way that you taught us and was so nervous that the fee was too high and that they would turn me down - but they didn't blink an eyelid. No questions asked, they just confirmed the job straight away. I honestly couldn't thank you enough. I still can't quite believe how far I have come since completing your course. I am the happiest I have been in the longest time, and I feel like I have purpose. So thank you again."

Ruby, Photographer

"I have been a fan of your photography for awhile. However, what stands out to me is your incredible perspective and perseverance. The Academy fulfills all necessary components of starting a professional photography business and provides a vast amount of invaluable practical information, along with your personal challenges in the industry, which are such rare resources for photographers to be able to access. Your honesty in sharing your experiences is refreshing and confirms that you are a true leader in this industry. The program has changed the way that I approach so many aspects of my life, in both photography and personally. I really cannot begin to express how grateful I am."

Lauren S, Photographer

"You're a true artist, entrepreneur and marketing goddess. I was touched by each lesson. Every single topic was priceless to me. I'd be so lost without you, Carly. I still cannot believe that I got to learn from such a successful photographer like you, receiving feedback and all this precious information. 

Emily K., Photographer
Paris, France

"As my mentor I wanted to let you know that Off The Rails Mag has brought me on the team as a staff photographer. Ultra rad opportunity for me. I love them and it's rad to be part of the OTR family. I am so thankful for all that you have and continue to do for me... from my perspective your mentorship and all its wisdom is a continuum and it's helping me every day, every moment. You are, my friend, absolutely incredible. And I'm so thankful we crossed paths.”

Billy Henry, Photographer
Los Angeles


"This course has gone by in an instant and a lifetime. The person I am in this moment, writing this letter to you, is so very evolved from the person that I was when this journey began. From the very first lesson, I could tell I made the right decision to sign up. I could tell my life was about to change. This change is one that I have craved so deeply for so long without knowing what it was exactly that I needed. I was so immediately and profoundly grateful to finally see a path towards the life I wanted. A future that didn't feel suffocating, and for the first time in forever, a future I am truly excited about. So for that alone, I need to tell you, a million times over, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your course has been a transformative experience across all aspects of my life. I feel as though I have been born again, and that is representative of the utter magic that can happen when someone takes your course who is truly motivated to implement everything you are sharing." 

Katherine M., Photographer
New York City

When I signed up to your academy, I had no intentions of pursuing photography. I signed up because you were essentially living my dream life and I wanted to hear more about it, to live vicariously through you. You're incredible with your words and your story pulled me in so far I just had to find out more. It was like candy, a sugar rush! Then it happened for me. I only made my Instagram account public a few months ago and now two of my shoots have been published in magazines (one is a print cover story?!), I have been paid for my photography, I'm negotiating a campaign with a brand, my life has purpose, I feel hopeful and excited, I know what I want and how to get it. I know I'll move back to Europe, travel the world, spend my summers on small islands, work with amazing, talented, inspiring people. I know I'll create my own life, be in charge of my time, make my own decisions and become an inspiration to others. I know I'll be able to fly home and see my family whenever I want for how long as I want. I know I'll never miss a birthday or a celebration ever again because I won't be chained anymore. I know it because you've given me the tools and I can see that it's working - how else am I in a position where I'm discussing high rates with a brand after having done less than 15 actual shoots in my life (none for a brand) and all of this has happened in the past 6-7 months. You're single handedly breaking the barriers we're taught to put up in order to live a 'safe and normal' life. You're one person and you're changing the mindsets and lives of thousands of others.

Anete, Photographer

"I’ve taken more photography workshops and courses than I care to say. The combined effort of them all is absolutely nothing compared to what you’ve created in The Modern Photography Academy. What I was struggling to find was enough of an understanding of the industry to give me the confidence to move forward. Your program did this and a whole lot more. It was a journey of self discovery. You helped knock down walls of self doubt and sparked a flame in me that was previously all but gone. You’ve created something that is far beyond a photography course. The details, the care, and personality intertwine to make something uniquely special. I signed up with the idea of learning some tips and useful advice, I left with not only an abundance of knowledge, but a new outlook on life. I finished the program a more positive and happier person than when I started, and that is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. Participating each day was an inspiration and an absolute joy. It feels like I’ve spent the past month visiting a beautiful island and falling in love."

Dwayn, Photographer
The UK

"This course really did change my whole life and helped me immensely. I was stuck trying to work out how to do things by myself and felt so alone and blocked. All other photographers I’ve ever met/messaged have always been so cagey about their processes and ways and not willing to help potential competition. I absolutely admire your confidence and lack of insecurity when talking about how you do things and sharing your processes. It really shows how amazing you are as a person, wanting to help others and not just yourself. And you really did just that. I’ve met so many other great photographers inside the program that were willing to share and open up about their ways and experiences in the photography world, and it has been so nice to have the community you created."

Hannah, Photographer

"I want to thank you again, even though thank you isn't enough. You saved a few years of my life with this program. I learned so much. I grew so much. I have never felt so enthusiastic and ready for anything. In December I was feeling so down for a few months that I finally got an appointment with a psychologist. I signed up for the Academy, and it unblocked something inside of me. I didn't go back to the psychologist. I cancelled the appointment and I don't feel the need to go back, because I didn't need a psychologist, I needed to listen to myself. Signing up for the Academy has felt like breathing again even before we started the lessons and journaling. Then we started and it got better and better everyday."

Agathe, Photographer

"The golden soul that you have, the humility, the bravery, the courage, the things you've taught me and the other people in The Academy, the way you made us think about everything... All of that was unbelievable and incredible, and I'm not saying that lightly. I really mean it! My soul will always search for the guidance you've given me, and me heart and mind will always remember you. From the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough for that. As I told you, I spent the last savings I had made the past summer in The Academy. I had a feeling that it was the right thing to do. Carly, when I tell you that you changed my life, I'm not lying. I'm saying that with one hundred percent certainty that you really did. You were my life mentor and guide. If you could ever know what you have given me, the difference you have made in my life with your academy, the things you have taught me..."

Inês, Photographer

"Signing up for the course I thought $500 was a lot, but I was really convinced it was worth it. And you SO over-delivered. I cannot thank you enough! You are truly a special person and without you, so many of us wouldn’t have made such monumental progress in the last month."

Hannah, Photographer

Is This Really For Someone Like Me? 

It doesn't matter where you live, what camera you have or how long you've been photographing. 

This is for you if you feel like you're at a crossroads in your life. You're watching the years slip away and you know there has to be more to life than working for someone else. You're interested in photography and you want a life where you feel free, but the thought of turning photography into your job feels overwhelming.

Maybe you're already getting a few photography jobs, but it's not the kind of work you want to be doing. You want the life you are watching other photographers build for themselves. You want to be the one shooting for cool brands, getting to travel to new places and working with interesting people. You want to know what it feels like to be completely free and in control of your own schedule. You want to look back on your life and feel like you actually lived it on your own terms. 

Our mission is to show you that you can do this and it's a lot easier than you think.

It doesn't take years of experience or 10k followers on Instagram. Everyone starts at a different place and the program material will meet you where you are now.

Maybe you've taken a few photography courses or watched a few youtube tutorials but you found the material generic and unhelpful. Maybe you've looked into photography school but the price tag of $50K made it impossible. We totally get it. There's nothing helpful out there for new photographers. 

The Academy is the solution. This is about transforming your life. This is about getting your freedom back. This is about becoming financially secure doing what you love. This is about working less but on better projects. This is about getting over the self doubt and fear that's been holding you back. This is amount earning more money in one day than you did all month at your old job. This is about deciding the life you want, and fully going after it this year with the guidance, secrets and support you need to make it happen. 

We want you to be able to open up your laptop and create paid opportunities for yourself that make you excited. I know it might seem crazy now, but it's not. We're here to support you every step of the way and demystify how thousands of photographers are making a living doing what they love because of this program.

Female photographers are taking over the industry and there's never been a better time for us. 

Doors Are Closed Until April 2021.


Spaces are limited. Add your details below to be the first to know when registration opens for April 2021. We can't wait to meet you.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Creator

The Modern Photography Academy was created by me, Carly Dame. I'm a photographer from a small town in Canada who now lives and works in Paris and across Europe. 

A few years into my corporate career as an accountant, I realized I was on the wrong path. I was feeling lost and empty. So, one day I quit. 

With no industry knowledge or connections, I took a film camera that I bought at the thrift store and turned it into a multi 6-figure photography business that would take me around the world working with dream clients. 

My passion is to help you build a career doing what you love also.


Read The Full Story

"I think back to a month and a half ago when there were only a few hours left in the countdown to join your course and I had literally just enough money to pay for it in my bank account. Well, not enough, because rent was also due in two days, but I knew I was getting my last check from my job because of quarantine. I was so stressed about making the decision to join. I knew I had to do it. I had done much riskier things before. I jumped into the deep end and I’m literally so glad that I did. Boy were you right! You have awakened parts of me that have been begging to be free for so long. You are a sweet gem and I am lucky to have had your mentorship at such a pivotal point in my creative practice. I feel my thesis paper is just as much a product of this course as a product of my MFA program. How wild is it that I feel like your program expanded my mind and served me more than the entire two years I spent in grad school. You have inspired me to take the photography aspect of my practice seriously enough to treat it well and that I am capable of professionalism I never believed before."

Alexis N., Photographer
New York City